Exclusive North American Distributors

We are introducing Dark Rye Bread to the US market. We offer four varieties of this novel product in thin, healthy slices that meets the increasing demand for healthy but tasty products: Rye Pocket - a plump, classic rye bread, excellent for sandwiches! Seed Pocket - the irresistible combination of rye and seeds! Rehe Rye - contains 100 percent rye flour, thin slices, crusty texture! Chocolate Rye - a very unique treat with Belgian dark chocolate!


This kind of bread has been a staple in the diets of the Nordic countries for centuries, but has yet to make its debut to the wider consumer audiences in the US. The Eesti Pagar bread factory has been baking breads since 1914. Dark Rye Bread is worth introducing to the global population now as there are numerous studies supporting the claimed health benefits of consuming rye products. Rye is a good source of fiber that helps to satiate hunger and keep you feeling full longer.

Dark Rye Bread Catalogue

Our catalogue is available for download in PDF format for print, email and other means of distribution.

All Natural

All Natural, No Preservatives, No GMOs!

Heart Healthy

Studies have shown the benefits of dark rye bread on heart health.

Helps Curb Weight

Rye keeps you fuller, longer, to fend off those midday cravings.